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Ergonomically the Canon C200 has proven to be one of the best cameras I’ve used. The handgrip installs confidence instantly and the camera rests nicely in the palm of your left hand. This handheld setup seems to be a sweet spot for me at the moment, letting me work quickly  and it made me wonder what I do about sound whilst on the hoof. 

Given that I’d be shooting 12-bit raw in some one-man-band situations I wanted sound to match image quality and that meant finding a way to fit my Rode Stereo Mic X to the camera in a lightweight and compact manner. 

By making use of the two 1/4 20 mounting points Canon have given us up top, I’m able to slot the Stereo Mic X at the front mounting point via a cold shoe adapter. Whilst using the rear 1/4 20 for the screen’s arm. It’s worth noting the microphone does slightly restrict extreme forward movement of the LM-V1 screen due to the mic’s width. 


The Stereo Mic X requires 2 mini 3-pin female XLR to normal 3-pin male XLR cables. The C200’s XLR port orientation means that any non right-angle XLRs stick out a little awkwardly on the right. Given that C200 users have reported XLR cables becoming locked in these ports, I was keen to explore a less risky and more compact solution.


I thought a set of right-angle XLRs on the camera end would help sort this but tracking some down with mini XLRs on the microphone end was trickier than I thought it would be. Enter .